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You don't get a associated with features for use in your $10,000, that's for sure. You get a manual transmission, naturally, plus a smaller engine even than many other economy cars or trucks. Crank windows, no power locks or mirrors. No air conditioning, and no stereo.

Ford Focus - Retailing at $13,990 the Focus is today's priced vehicle sold by "blue oval" in the U.S. Expensive enough for you? Special incentives on the ZX3 version of the main focus can lower the price by as much as $3000!

Hyundai accent 2019 ( accent - The Accent is tips concerning one thing: accent on value. This subcompact is perfect for the young driver which looking for her first new car and doesn't have the $20K perhaps more to plunk down to get one. Priced from just under $10K, a well optioned Accent with air-conditioning, audio system, automatic transmission and a cargo net can be had intended for $14K. Few cars in this particular category offer all with this particular and generous cabin space at a reduced price.

For people who have a low cost of R250k and above, Hyundai's luxury saloon, the Sonata, to make certain that every conceivable top-end feature, makes regarding your clever invest in. Adventurous drivers in turn are spoilt for choice and can pick from petrol or diesel, 4x2 or 4x4 and auto or manual Hyundai ix35 models. And for people who are intent on off-road driving, the AWD diesel-driven Santa Fe a great unbeatable and intensely capable choice.

Kia Rio Base Sedan, it cost around $12,500, the car is good, roomy, and stylish, nevertheless it really misses a stereo system, which to a lot of can be a drawback, but as a stereo product is a luxury, you donrrrt want to look regarding it.

The model I drove during a media preview in Sin city was the five-door hatchback with six-speed manual rule. Its shifter was seamless as it effortlessly clicked through the gears under brisk acceleration. A good manual transmission hits all of the gears the first time by helping cover their little thought from motorist. You don't to be able to distracted while hunting for gears.

With low project insurance charges and furry hamsters to endorse the car, the Kia Soul has far more going for doing this. It is projected that this car is cost consumers $4,000 on insurance over 5 numerous. Of course this number will change based from the driving record, but the actual reason impressive. This car delivers 19 feel cargo space, USB input, and is satellite radio capable. Drivers can anticipate to average 35 mpg out of the office. If you want any small car and do a lot of commuting, than the is your car.

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